Our Rural Internet Disclaimers

Our Rural Internet, LLC, also known as ORI.


Tower Carrier Service Disclaimer

Our Rural Internet (ORI) service uses backbone carriers to provide nationwide service.  While we purchase services from those carriers, we have no control over changes the carriers make to their networks, pricing changes, data limits, or outages that may happen.  In the event a carrier has an outage, ORI has no abilities to make these repairs on the national carriers network, only to mediate on your behalf, the restoration of service as quickly as possible. The tower carriers will not be able to work with the end user directly, only with ORI.


Product Description and Size Disclaimer

All photos of devices sold on Our Rural Internet’s (ORI) website are meant to merely be an example of the product offered by ORI. We try to use comparable photographic product examples on the website, but the examples may not be identical to the actual product if purchased. While we try to use updated photos for each product, the photo used may be of a slightly older model of device. 


Phenomenon Disclaimer

Our Rural Internet (ORI) is not responsible for device delivery delays, device damages, or service interruptions that are caused by the following: lightning, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, power surges, mail/package carrier delays, governmental acts, third party acts, labor strikes, and other phenomena beyond our control. The list of phenomena is not limited to the previous stated acts.


Security Disclaimer

Our Rural Internet (ORI) does not own, operate, maintain or control the customer’s personal service. We do not provide any security measures for the customer’s network. It is the responsibility of the customer to take actions to secure their own network (ie: The customer is responsible for setting up a password to protect their cellular internet service.)


ORI Website Disclaimer

Any support information provided on the Our Rural Internet (ORI) website is for general informational purposes only. All information on the entirety of the ORI website, and the support information is provided as a helpful tool. The support information on the ORI site is not meant to be a guaranteed solution for service and device issues. Under no circumstances is ORI responsible for any loss or damage to service or product as a result of utilizing the support information provided on the website. A customer must use the support information at their own risk. 


External Links Disclaimer

Our Rural Internet (ORI) is not responsible for any information that is obtained from external links from the ORI website itself. ORI does not endorse any information provided about ORI’s service or products outside of the website itself. The customer is responsible for any interaction, service, or information obtained from any third party. 


Customer Recommendation Disclaimer

Recommendations and testimonials reflect the opinions and experiences of the Our Rural Internet (ORI) users, and do not necessarily reflect the experiences of customers as a whole. Individual customer results will vary. Any testimonial provided on ORI’s website has not been obtained by any means of payment or compensation.


Contract Disclaimer

At Our Rural Internet (ORI), a customer must agree to a three month term of service. The customer has the right to cancel service within the first fourteen days without any risk. If the customer does decide to continue their service with ORI after the fourteen day trial period, the customer must remain with the service for three months. After the three month contractual period, the customer may cancel services at any point. If the customer chooses to end their service with ORI before the end of the three month agreement, the customer will be responsible for the entire remaining balance of the three month service.